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We Have a Mission

Our mission is to take the misinformation and confusion out of the world of acting, modeling, voice-over and all aspects of show business. Our coaches are industry experts who teach you the skills you need and help you create the business tools to approach your exciting career as a professional.

Our specialized acting, modeling and voice-over workshops and programs save you time, money and disillusionment because they are specifically designed to get you results. With our experienced and professional team of coaches, experts, consultants, photographers and stylists, SLC Talent Factory will help you develop the tools and skills you need to put you on the path to success - FAST!

Who We Are

We are the undisputed leader in Talent Development who's services range from TV, Film and Commercial Acting Workshops, Fashion & Commercial Model Development, Auditioning Workshops, Voice-Over workshops, Professional Photography and Portfolio Designed for individuals 5 to 65 years.

We also have a very powerful Executive Enhancement Media Performance program for Business people and Entrepreneurs who need to be powerful communicators in public and especially in the new media.

Our Team

Steve Cozart

Steve Cozart

Steve is an award winning, agent recommended photographer who specializes in helping actors be seen with the best possible head shots and comp cards. Steve is also a highly sought after commercial acting coach who helps his clients improve their technical commercial auditioning, acting skills and booking rates. Steve can help you get where you want to be!

He is also a successful actor currently represented by top agencies in San Francisco and LA. He has appeared on many local, national and International network television shows, several national TV commercials and music videos. He is a successful commercial print model, musician and theater actor.

Steve can help you get where you want to be! Ask any of his clients who have sought after agency representation - 99% of Steve's clients have signed with high profile agencies after submitting photos/head shots that were shot by him. They get signed because we create exactly the type of branding they need to not only land an agent, but it actually gives the agent something to begin marketing the talent immediately. Steve's photography makes you irresistible to agents.

Laurie Cozart

Laurie Cozart

Laurie is the co-founder and CEO of SLC Talent Factory. She is an experienced TV Host, Actor and print model. She has worked on major television networks, TV series, webisodes and over 100 commercials and industrial films. Laurie is also a highly sought-after motivational speaker, and a top scout and success coach for models and actors.

Along with her husband, award winning photographer and acting coach Steve Cozart, Laurie has helped countless new faces find success as working models and actors and pursue their dream career at their studio SLC Talent Factory.

What We Do

At SLC Talent Factory, our dedicated coaches, mentors and scouts help change lives everyday by creating the tools and skills models, actors, voice-over artists and songwriters need to succeed in this very competitive business.

We have been scouting and coaching models and actors for over a decade and are members of the International Model and Talent Association. SLC Talent Factory has won the coveted Director of the Year Award at IMTA every year for the last 5 years.

SLC Talent Factory has been responsible for assisting hundreds of models, actors, actresses, singers and dancers display their talents for national and international agents at the IMTA conventions in LA and New York, at the Actors Showcase in Studio City and the European Model Showcase in Paris.

SLC Talent Factory
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