Professional Photography

Professional Commercial Model/Actor Portfolio Shoot

When we work with our models and actors, we ensure they are market-ready and prepare them with a full day 5 look shoot. This gives them the ability to show themselves to potential agents and casting professionals with great headshots and commercial comp card. We plan the wardrobe and looks based on how we see you being cast so that you can take advantage of your unique niche'. We also plan all the locations and props which are so important to commercial photography. Because we believe that preparation meets opportunity, we leave nothing to chance.

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Here are the details:

Once you book your shoot, you meet with Steve and our professional brand experts to plan the looks that will compile your headshot and comp card. We discuss image, wardrobe, props, and create the commercial vignettes that will bring your card to life, while showcasing you from a casting directors point of view and ensure your photos reflect the appropriate market.

You go shopping/gathering the wardrobe and props. (Wardrobe is extremely important when creating an actors tools. Generally, the items you need will be already in your wardrobe, however if it's not shop & return is highly recommended.) We will ensure all tags are hidden, shoes taped, if needed and keeping things returnable.

Professional Model Photos

After you have gathered your wardrobe we will do a wardrobe check to ensure everything translates as we expected. Then we will schedule your shoot date.

On the day of your shoot, if you choose to use our stylist, we start the day at a very posh salon, where our pro-stylist does their magic. There's a place to keep all the wardrobe & props right there. It's spacious and comfortable with refreshments and fun. The salon is home base, where we return to after each looks shoot so you can change, have our stylist update your hair and relax before the next look.

We shoot tons of frames! Steve uses a combination of natural light, flash and reflectors to get the light just right. We also give you direction on posing, expression, prop use, angles etc. so you understand the technical side of commercial modeling as well.

The Value is Phenomenal!

  • 5 Hi-Resolution Commercial Vignettes
  • 2 Hi-Resolution Head shots (Theatrical and Commercial)
  • Consultation sessions on entire shoot and wardrobe selection
  • CLOUD ONLINE GALLERY ACCESS to your photos to pick your final selections.
  • YOU OWN ALL of the Proofs from the entire shoot!
  • Prints: Great deals on printing!
  • AMAZING DEALS on future photo shoots, workshops, photo re-touching, events and classes.

This type of shoot usually lasts between 5 to 6 hours and we usually have shot about 400 to 500 frames. You own all the printed watermarked proofs we choose for final print candidates. We put them on a CD/DVD, along with the digital copies of the shoot. If you choose to use our printer, we also include the digital versions of the finished printed Headshot & comp card on your CD/DVD.

Post Shoot - We meet and go over the photos and help you select the best shots for your tools, give you the proofs and then place the printing order. Prints are usually received within about 14 days of ordering.