Professional Model Photos

Commercial Headshots for Actors & Models

I don't believe in mass-production. I work very closely and carefully with my clients prior to the shoot on every aspect of the images we'll create together and ensure they fit with your goals. If this resonates with you, I am your photographer. If you're tired of feeling like you're in this "acting thing" on your own and need to take the next logical and productive step up in your career, hit me up. We'll discuss your goals and your needs and I'll give you a fair quote. I also believe that quality and results should be attainable and be a real value.

Having trouble getting an agent?

It could very well be that you need your head shots or other photography replaced or updated! I'm an agent-recommended photographer who can help you get where you want to be! Ask any of my clients who have sought after agency representation - 99% of my clients have signed with an agent after submitting photos/head shots that were shot by me. They get signed because we create exactly the type of branding they need to not only land an agent, but it actually gives the agent something to begin marketing the talent immediately. This photography makes you irresistible to agents.

What's included:

  • 30 - 50 frames per look, and all post production work on your "Top 3"
  • You own all the final selections and watermarked proofs
  • We put them on a CD/DVD, along with your top 3 high resolution choices


  • Printing: 100 Headshots = $135 (paid at a later date)
  • Hair Styling & Make-up with Pro Stylist = $40 per "Look" (paid on shoot date)

P.S. - Getting an agent does you no good if you can't win auditions. An agent is in the business of making money, and they rely on their talent to book. I'm also offering a workshop that teaches actors and print models the vital secrets and skills to win auditions.

*We take all forms of payment - cash, cashier's check, Credit card, Paypal, etc. We take 1/2 of the fee up front and 1/2 the day of review. Printing fees are due before sending to the printer, if you choose that option.