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Theatrical Headshots

Even though we live in a commercial market here in San Francisco, I do recognize that not all actors want to ONLY be marketed as such. Having a Theatrical Head Shot is a vital tool for any actor who is looking to audition for movies, TV series, theater and non-commercial work.

What's the difference?

Often an actor will have both a commercial agent and an acting agent. And an actor will have two different types of headshots printed at all times. The commercial and the theatrical. Short and sweet - the commercial head shot is typically smiley, warm and friendly. Also, the commercial head shot should have represent you to a wide audience - broad appeal. Remember, commercials are all about sales and a quick "connect-ability!"

Theatrical vs. Commercial

The theatrical or dramatic head shot. When submitting for plays, TV and film work, there is a certain amount of professionalism that is looked for here. In these head shots, you get to do a little more personal branding.

Are you gritty, sultry or glamorous? Great! Show it!

If you're a new actor, you also want to convey in your head shots someone who is smart, able and hopefully responsible! The business is really looking for responsible despite the dramas and recklessness of some talented actors and actresses in this business.

Let me work with you to create the Perfect Theatrical Head Shots! I help actors, models and other talented people first discover their brand, plan their perfect wardrobe and execute amazing, memorable theatrical head shots that will make the right people stop and take notice! In this industry, that can be the difference between being cast - or being cast away.

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