Professional Model and Talent Photography

SLC Talent Photo Shoots

Not getting a reaction from agents when you submit your amazing new edgy head shot? Did the "Hollywood" photographer you had to book a year prior and wait, tell you he'd make you a star with these "artistic wonders"? Don't waste your time, money and opportunities by trusting your commercial photographic marketing tools to just any photographer.

Professional Model and Talent Photography

All photographers are not created equal. Some of us are great at portraiture, fashion, editorial, some at nature, some at weddings, etc. All of us are artists in our own right. We always want to create awesome, amazing art - all the time! Right? Well...let's discuss...Select a photo shoot option below to get started!

Professional Photographer Steve Cozart

Steve Cozart Photographer

When I shoot commercial photographic marketing tools, I'm (for a while) not an artist. I'm a Casting Director, Agent and Image Consultant. I work with my client on every aspect of the tools we will produce. Most importantly, I consider the market and create your "brand" in the market.

The photography is not the same in San Francisco as it is in L.A., etc. Wardrobe, hair, make-up, colors, patterns, accessories, props, location, activity, mood and demographic considerations. My clients also get a personal introduction to San Francisco agents which results in representation. We're making marketing tools - Easy! I'm always looking out for your image.