SLC Talent Factory Success Stories

Client Spotlight

Emily Greco

Emily is one of SLC Talent Factory's latest and most-recognized success stories. She has recently gained national fame as the "" lady. She has also appeared in Cisco and US Cellular commercials and multiple print ads. She also just wrapped a one woman show called "Emilia", which chronicles the life of doomed pilot Emilia Earhart. Last year, Emily won Female Actor of The Year at the International Model and Talent Association event in Los Angeles. Emily resides in Los Angeles with her husband, singer-songwriter David Greco and has recently signed with a Hollywood agency.

Robin Fahr

Robin is no stranger to the spotlight. She was a Marketing/Public Relations expert and a successful commercial actor & model in her 20s, she has been on local news and radio stations for years, and even has her own weekly talk show called "Conversations" on TV30 Tri-Valley Television. Robin came to us over two years ago, asking if we'd be guests on her show. We had a great time - Robin is an excellent host & interviewer. Afterward, we had spoken to Robin about re-entering the world of commercial modeling and acting. We knew that after over 20 years of being out of the game that NOW was the time for her.

Lo and behold - Robin did all she came to do and more! She dominated the Television categories, winning the awards below: 1st Place - Entertainment Host 1st Place - TV Real People 1st Place - SitCom 1st Runner Up - Screen Test 1st Runner Up - Female Actor Of the Year

Elaine Brovont

Elaine is the featured performer in the latest HCR ManorCare commercial. She does a great job, both acting and in her voice-over abilities! We love Elaine and love watching her many success stories!

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Elani Kay

As a mother of a young talented actor, Steve & Laurie of SLC Talent Factory has truly made a huge impact on my son's life. The time, energy, and thoughtful encouragement they have spent with him through classes, workshops, and one on ones has truly elevated his skill set and confidence tremendously. They have an enormous amount of knowledge, experience, and connections as well to help any talented artist whether someone is an actor, model, or singer /musician take their career to the next level. On a professional and personal sense they also both exercise a high level of integrity which is very refreshing in this industry. Thank you so much to SLC Talent Factory , we wouldn't be moving forward and up if it wasn't for you!! :)

John Chang

SLC Talent Factory is an awesome program for people to get into the movie industry, fashion print, commercial modeling, etc. We recommend this school to everybody that's looking for an opportunity. We can't thank them enough for helping our daughter in this business. Not only did they build her character , they also built up her confidence. Great teachers, great coaching and instruction and an awesome experience. This is our recommendations why people should chose "SLC TALENT FACTORY."

Greg K. Emeryville, CA

Steve and Laurie have been ABSOLUTELY instrumental in getting my acting/modeling career going. I have filled up a page of projects that I worked on in the short time I've been doing this: SONY, HP, Millipore Corp., Kimpton Hotels, Franklin-Templeton, several TV pilots/shows, an HBO film [with Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman], as well as multiple independent films and a Public Service Announcement. Some of my classmates have been in Microsoft commercials, several bank commercials as well!

Voloney White

Laurie your guy Jim Donnelly blew us away at the Universal Actors Showcase! We can't wait to have him join our team in Los Angeles. Thank you for all you do for your talent and for us!

Martin Wong

Today's Pre-Xfactor event in Hayward was awesome, Scott, Laurie and Steve gave a lot of useful tips of how to do a good job in singing audition. All three of these individuals are very professional when it comes to acting, singing and presentation. I am glad i was there today and have learned a lot. Thanks very much!!

Tom Logan, Director Paramount Studios

Laurie and Steve - Thanks for sharing your talented actors with me. I am always surprised by the professionalism and preparation your actors have - Thank you for making my life easier.

Patrick C, Newark

Steve and Laurie spotted my daughter at Newark Days fair where it all started. The great guidance and confidence they gave us for my daughter really opened up opportunities for her. She had jobs from Old Navy, Arden Fair Mall, Pottery Barn Kids and others. I would like to say "THANK YOU" very much for all your help!

Robert A, San Jose

Laurie and Steve Cozart are 2 of the kindest and greatest people there are and they not once told me anything they could not deliver on. That is the truth. They helped me find an agent recently and have given me more confidence when it comes time to audition for gigs. I would say that almost everyone's biggest failure in this industry would be due to the lack of knowledge that the entertainment industry is an actual business and without learning the business you will not last. I promise you that. I would recommend them to anyone!

Shantell D, Concord

Steve and Laurie are great people and they truly know what they are doing. They go through the process of building your business step-by-step ensuring your success. I love them because they give Extra love and Care to the talent they work with and they truly want to see success. If you want to get into the business, this is a great start. You will get all the tools and encouragement you need to market yourself and succeed.