Acting Commercial Workshops

Actor Advantage: Winning Commercial Auditions

Win every commercial audition

Let's face it. Television commercials can pay big money. Primary actors in national ads can make five to six figures from one project. Commercial and print auditioning is very different from theater, television and movie acting. I always say that, "Commercials aren't Shakespeare - they're Shake-n-Bake."

It's vital to know how to differentiate and develop these important auditioning skills to win the auditions that can bring huge rewards. It's an Olympic-style competition, where the winners are decided by the smallest of margins. There are a lot of acting classes out there, but where can an actor learn the fine art of winning commercial and print auditions?

Secrets to Winning Commercial & Print Auditions

Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Day: Sunday
Time: 11am - 12:30pm

Location: Hayward, CA

This is an established and successful 6 week workshop that is fun, fully interactive and proven to work! During the course your auditions and performances will be filmed and you will get immediate, honest feedback when your auditions and performances are played back in class. It's a commonly known fact that auditioning can be frustrating and rather lonely because actors don't typically get feedback after an audition.

Getting honest and constructive feedback and advice is immensely valuable to an actor's ability to learn from their own performance then immediately self-correct. When finished with this course, the actor will have all the tools and knowledge to feel confident in their skills to win commercial and print auditions.

What's It Include?

  • The one thing that most new actors - and even experienced actors do that immediately blows an audition
  • How to analyze and recognize the "Map of the script"
  • How to win auditions when there's no script or you're asked to "wing it"
  • The best time of day to audition to increase your chances of booking
  • How to win or lose the audition - even before you perform
  • What to wear and what to NOT wear to auditions
  • How to make an immediate, positive impression on the Director/Decision-maker
  • How to "steal the spotlight" from the competition
  • How to properly handle products and props in an audition
  • How to audition with kids, other adults and groups
  • What is your "thing" - and how to manage it.
  • Additionally, you'll learn The Business of The Commercial Audition: Industry terms, lingo, procedures, paperwork, head shot/comp-card tips, image advice, and more!