Modeling and Acting Bootcamp

FREE Model & Actor Bootcamp

Register now for an amazing workshop with top commercial acting coach and agent-recommended photographer Steve Cozart & Entertainment Industry Success Coach Laurie Cozart on select Sundays from 1 - 2:30pm.

You will discover the secrets to getting you or your child work as a successful actor or commercial model. We will take all of the guess work out of getting started, teach you specifically what you need to know to get work on a part or full-time basis. Learn these valuable lessons in this fun, interactive boot camp:

Bootcamp Starts

November 8th, 2015
Location: San Francisco (for the first time!)
Time: 2PM

What's It Include?

Learn these valuable lessons in this fun, interactive boot camp:

  • How to package yourself to be successful in the San Francisco market
  • The differences between agents, modeling web sites and casting directors
  • How to find a great agent, and what they expect from actors and models
  • Tips to create the right tools even with little or no experience.
  • How to find the right photographer and properly prepare before your photo session.
  • Clearly understand the ingredients that are needed to create strong commercial photos.
  • The best way to create a powerful composite sheet.
  • How to take an amazing head shot.
  • How to turn your "dream" into a business.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by one or both parents.

This is an educational event, not an audition.