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Then SLC is here to help you. SLC Talent Factory's Voice Advantage Workshops offer a comprehensive program to help you become a professional voice actor. Getting voice-over work takes more than just having an interesting or unique voice. It requires knowing what to do with it; how to develop character and personality, how to sell and how to make an instant connection with the listener.

Our voice-over experts and coaches can help you find your all inner voices and develop your core voice performance strengths. Your voice over experience begins with a Free Introduction and Evaluation. Come check us out for our free introductory workshop and find out why Voice Advantage students work! Learn how we can help you get started in the career you always wanted!

Meet The Coach

Laurie Burke

Laurie is a San Francisco native who grew up in a family of professional actors and musicians (she says her childhood was like "The Partridge Family" meets "This is Spinal Tap"). After trying out a plethora of careers after college, including a long stint as an International Flight Attendant, she finally decided to hop on the family entertainment bandwagon...and she never looked back.

With an adventurous spirit and an un-quenching thirst to learn more about the craft, she studied in London (RADA), Paris, Berlin, L.A. and of course San Francisco. Her many TV Credits include appearances on Medium, I (Almost) Got Away With It and numerous commercials for companies such as Blackberry, Volkswagen, Raleys, Wal-Mart, Metro PCS, Nokia and Wells Fargo. Known as the "Original Voice of Google Voice", she has been heard on countless radio and T.V. commercials such as Channel 36 (L.A.), Cisco, Kaiser Permanente, 24 Hour Fitness, Symantec, First Republic Bank and TV.com.

Film credits include "Redwoods", David Arquette's, "The Butler's In Love", "Stray" and "My Eleventh". She's next slated to play Rene Pichette in the upcoming feature film "The Mendoza Line", (filming June 2013). Theater credits include the role of "Amy" in Stephen Sondheim's musical "Company", "Gal" in the touring production of "Just for Laughs" and most recently Claudia Roe in "Enron". You can currently see her on national TV as she is in her third year as Movie Review Host for Common Sense Media and most days you can hear her unique and recognizable voice on the Radio as she is the voice behind all Raleys, Nob Hill and Bel Air commercials.

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Voice-Advantage Workshops

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Getting into voice-over requires a lot more than just having a unique or powerful voice. Get 3 hours of valuable information, plus your Evaluation! Find out if a career in Voice-over is for you!!

Date: March 7th, 2015

Time: 11AM to 2PM

Location: SLC Talent Factory 22772 Main Street Hayward, CA 94541

Investment: $95

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Beginning Voiceover Class

Participate in a 4 hour workshop designed to provide an overview of the voice-over and acting industry. You'll learn about the Voice Advantage program, current and future trends, agents, union, demos, financial possibilities what it takes to make it – and more. Plus, everyone in class gets an opportunity to read copy on mic with direction and coaching.

Date: Saturday July 19th, 2014

Time: 11am to 3pm

Location: SLC Talent Factory 22772 Main Street Hayward, CA 94541

Investment: $199

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Save 10% by Purchasing Both Beginning & Advanced Classes!

Investment: Only $495 to purchase

Beginning Voiceover Class & Advanced Voiceover Class

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Advanced Voiceover Class

A four week comprehensive workshop that focuses on more in-depth applications of voice over skills, further building on techniques taught in Level 1. Emphasis will be placed on the Animation, Narration, and Commercial fields, while further cultivating the client's niche prior to advancing into Level 3.

Date: Coming Soon!

Location: SLC Talent Factory 22772 Main Street Hayward, CA 94541

Investment: $349

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Save 10% by Purchasing Both Beginning & Advanced Classes!

Investment: Only $495 to purchase

Beginning Voiceover Class & Advanced Voiceover Class

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Master Class

Student will continue to refine voice skills taught in Level 1 and 2. The Master Class sessions will focus on enhancing the client's niche exercising vocal skills by preparing and raising client's readiness to record their voiceover demo and begin hands-on studio work. Level 3 is direct 1:1 training with the instructor, The 1:1's consist of Six (6), 1 hour sessions.

Availability: By Invitation Only

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All-Inclusive Professional Voice-over Package

Includes EVERYTHING included in the packages shown above! For the person who wants a guided, efficient path to developing skills, learning about how to start your business and is excited about working in voice-over!


  • Professional Head shots! (yes, you need them!)
  • Direction and coaching on how to run your voice-over business

Availability: By Invitation Only

Investment: $1,500

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1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

PRIVATE 1-on-1 coaching sessions now available. Contact us for details on availability and assessment.

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SLC Talent Factory's Raving Fans say...

SLC Talent Factory Reviews

Astrid Tromp

Thanks SLC! Only because of your great coaching skills was I able to reach this goal. I never thought I would be able to use my native language to my advantage, and even to develop the American English Dialect, thus not hearing my accent anymore!! It is also a great advantage in general in my acting and hosting skills. You're the best

Renee Nell-Goodrich

That was a great 6-week class! I'm sad it's over too :( Thank you for doing such a great job teaching us the basics of voice over. Looking forward to the next phase.


Gia Casteel-Brown

I LOVED this class. I had a wonderful time and it was a lot of fun! You are the best. You are a fantastic teacher and I truly enjoyed working with you. It has given me the confidence to speak in front of a group of people!!! It was fun, challenging and everyone was so supportive. I can't wait to go to the next step!

Christina Law

I know that I can do this now!

Ronda Swenson

Just want to give props to Steve and Laurie for finding AMAZING talent and always working so hard to get everyone signed! The SLC family is taking over the Bay Area and it couldn't be happening to a more deserving group of people!

Gia Casteel-Brown

It's official ...... I have an agent!!! I officially signed with them today!!!! Thank you Steve and Laurie! SLC made my dream happen!

Patty Persons

Thanks so much Laurie, you are amazing! I love the way you make us feel in every scene. We really learn how to express ourselves in ways that we can't imagine; it's a blessing to have you and Steve in our lives teaching us in different ways helping us to take out the best from our hearts and minds and put it into our acting. Love you!

Susan Cymrot

Class was really good today. LOVE the improv! Steve Cozart you really are a remarkable teacher!

Shelley Kehoe

Love you, Steve Cozart!!! The comments on the Curves FB page are amazing!!! That photo you took is blowing people away. It's being seen all over the world!!! You bring the best out of everyone you shoot! I am honored!!! Hugs